Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Could I have a yeast infection?

Could I have a yeast infection?Ok...this is a little TMI so if you are bothered by that kind of stuff, don't answer this question.So for the last two weeks my vagina has been very swollen and itchy. I have been having VERY bad discharge and also pelvic pain. I also have had some bleeding although the bleeding is not from my vagina but from the skin below it which is also swollen.Should I see a doctor? Is this just a bad yeast infection?
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Best Answer - Chosen by Votersi dont think you should see a doctor yet because sound like to me you just have a really bad yeast infection.Go to walgreens and get some monistat itch cream it only cost about 5 dollars and it really works (almost instant relief) .Also get some AZO pills its right by the cream and it cost about 8 dollars and it keeps the yeast from coming back if you take them everyday.
Source(s):I used monistat cream and azo pills myself

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