Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Condom broke and withdrew too late, plan b the day before, what's going to happen?!?!?

Condom broke and withdrew too late, plan b the day before, what's going to happen?!?!?My girlfriend took plan b yesterday (Tuesday 7:00pm) and this morning (Wednesday 7:00 am). We had intercourse at around 12:30pm noon (Wednesday 12:30pm noon).I used a condom and i kept checking it for breakage throughout the intercourse but when i ejaculated, i pulled out a little too late and found out the condom had broke! i'm pretty sure there is a bit of my semen inside her. I'm so scared because she ovulates around this time.Plan B should still be in effect right? its only been 5 hours since her second pill. i'm so scared that she's pregnant. i don't know what to do. Should i get another Plan B? Please tell me what to do. i beg of some guidance.
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Best Answer - Chosen by VotersI assume that she took the normal 2 pill sequence of Plan B so that should protect her against a possible pregnancy. What I'm wondering about is why she had to take it in the first place. It sounds like you guys are having risky sex a little too often. Here are some tips to avoid having to take Plan B again because it really isn't good to be taking it often. Make sure your condoms aren't expired. Put the condom on correctly. Make sure you squeeze the tip before you roll it on so there is room for the semen. You don't want it to look like an inflated balloon on the tip.You may want to consider asking your girlfriend to go on birth control so that you will have both that and the condoms to avoid pregnancy.

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